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    You could add PowerPC there too.

    No, not really. ARM rules the mobile world, while Atom and others tries to scale the x86 downwards into this segment. PPC is nowhere to be seen.

    x86 rules the desktop and workstation segments, while ARM tries to scale upwards into these segments. PPC is nowhere to be seen.


    At least there are more PCs, consoles, cars, servers and supercomputers using PowerPC than ARM.

    PC's based on PPC are a thing of the past. Probably Consoles as well. Anyway, you are saying "currently" as a response to what was said about "future". ARM and nVidia is aiming to do an x86 killer, with a clear ambition to compete with x86 on desktop, server and supercomputer markets. Microsoft has joined in, which clearly adds weight to the effort.

    Despite this you want to equal PPC to ARM's future? Sure, feel free to call it propaganda until you see some real results (especially if you distrusts nVidia's competence in creating high performing designs, despite them being one of the leading entities in this field), but don't claim that PPC has a better course laid out for it, when all applications that's left for it is in various boring embedded gadgets and cars.
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