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    > http://www.hpcwire.com/blogs/NVIDIA-ARMs-Itself-for-Heterogeneous-Computing-Future-113025584.html
    > "As part of this strategy, the company has obtained rights to develop its own
    > NVIDIA-designed high performance CPU cores using ARM's future processor
    > architecture. Presumably this will be based on a future 64-bit implementation
    > of the ARM ISA, given that 64-bit computing is the accepted standard outside
    > of the mobile space."

    From the same author, 6 days ago:

    "At this point, it's not clear if NVIDIA intends to use the A15 as the basis for its first CPU-GPU processors or wait for a full 64-bit capable ARM architecture, which at this point is still under wraps."

    Seems he's gotten confused over time ;-)
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