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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    It probably won't be a complete SOC like most current ARMs (since much of that functionality would be wasted in servers).

    Oh I think there will be SoC's for sure! That's the future. Of course nothing is stopping them to make several *different versions* targeted at several different applications (like pad/netbook, desktop, server, "super computer" or whatever) with any needed controllers on chip, once they have completed their core development.

    The reason I don't think that Denver will be a complete Soc (or that at least the server Models won't be) is that the Southbridge functions built into a Soc (like disk i/o, usb, etc) do not need to be duplicated across a multiprocessor platform. Look at the AMD processors I referenced. They combine CPU and GPU functions and some traditional Northbridge functions into an APU but they still rely on an additional IC for support.
    This is closer to what I picture Denver looking like.
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