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    Oepabakkes wrote:
    I do not know much about the topic "ARM" ... but the fact that Microsoft is going to support it and that ARM is already wide spread, does that want to say that Intel is going to get some serious competition

    Yes! :-)

    nVidia: "Denver frees PCs, workstations and servers from the hegemony and inefficiency of the x86 architecture. For several years, makers of high-end computing platforms have had no choice about instruction-set architecture. The only option was the x86 instruction set with variable-length instructions, a small register set, and other features that interfered with modern compiler optimizations, required a larger area for instruction decoding, and substantially reduced energy efficiency.

    Denver provides a choice. System builders can now choose a high-performance processor based on a RISC instruction set with modern features such as fixed-width instructions, predication, and a large general register file. These features enable advanced compiler techniques and simplify implementation, ultimately leading to higher performance and a more energy-efficient processor."


    (and gets stabbed in the back by Microsoft)?

    "Microsoft’s announcement that it is bringing Windows to ultra-low power processors like ARM-based CPUs provides the final ingredient needed to enable ARM-based PCs based on Denver. Along with software stacks based on Android, Symbian, and iOS, Windows for ultra-low power processors demonstrates the huge momentum behind low-power solutions that will ultimately propel the ARM architecture to dominance."

    I think Microsoft wants in on the ultra portable, low power segment that Apple iPad (and others) are in. I think they have lost patience with Intel not being able to support anything suitable.

    And who knows what technology future X-Box systems will use under the hood? ;-)
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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