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    "No, I said there were *almost* no speculations."

    Yes you did say that.

    You also said ""so the alleged "buzz" regarding the prospect of "Denver" being 64-bit just wasn't (and isn't) there".

    And you'd like 11 Goggle links? Probably doable.
    The funny thing is, the first would be this thread (you're part of the buzz).
    Another thing is I'd have to agree with allowing you to define the term and state the qualifications that would satisfy your definitions. That is a political game I won't play into.

    So if it makes you feel better, there is no buzz (except for what we both know is there).

    Do I want to waste my time carrying this ridiculous argument further?

    Not really, I feel it diminishes both of us (and everyone else is getting such a kick out of using the term buzz). How you feel about hardly influences that.

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