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    Absolutely, and if this didn't continue to be one of the more childish exchanges I've had to deal with I'd continue to list them.

    But frankly, I'm not sure its worth my time. We're beginning to look badly to the others wallowing through this post and I'm a little embarrassed (for both of us) and not sure if I should continue to encourage you.

    This is the first time you've really disappointed me. For some reason you aren't willing to admit the possibility that others have concurrently come to similar conclusions as you have. And you've latched on to the narrow point you think you have about whether or not there is an active discussion of this on the Internet.
    I've already provided you with proof this is being discussed.
    I heard the speculation before I saw it posted here.

    And I don't know why this upsets you because, unlike many other conclusions you've come to, this on involves no great insight. ARM moving to 64bit has been discussed before. Nvidia announces an ARM design (with no details) aimmed at markets dominated by 64bit processor. What else are people to conclude?

    Another no-brainer. While Nvidia license existing cores or obtain a license to design its own?
    Obviously the later since they infer in their press release that Denver will be more powerful than the A15 (which they state they'll use in other products).
    If they want an ARM processor that outperforms the best current design how else are they going to get it? They have to design it (or pay someone else to design it which seem far less likely).

    The speculation that ARM will be used as a basis for a design that interprets X86 code (similar to Transmeta)? No, I can't see that. Did you follow the development of Transmeta processors? Their key flaw was really low performance. I have a contact who was part of the team that designed Transmeta evaluation boards. It was a neat idea that didn't execute well.

    Nvidia could just as easily buy VIA. Or merge with VIA. That would give them the right to produce X86 processors. Considering Nvidia history of buying out other companies, this path seems far more likely.

    You know, I think this is the first time you've actually managed to offend me. In the past I've appreciated your input, knowledge, and references. Your a sharp, insightful person.
    But you're also hard headed, more than a little snide, and unwilling to admit when you're wrong.

    I'll continue posting these examples if you want, but I think there are other ways we could both be using our time.

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