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    > Now you want more links?

    Not only now. I've been asking you for links on page #1 of this thread already.

    > I can also provide you with PMs I've been exchanging with
    > others for the last week.

    To be honest, I'm more interested in web links. I believe them to be stronger evidence than PMs.

    > You said there were no speculations

    No, I said there were *almost* no speculations. That "almost" part is essential since *I* gave you the one place *I* was able to find (besides MorphZone) where the prospect of "Denver" being 64-bit was discussed on the web.

    > I've posted one

    Yes, the single one *I* had given to you before to prove *my* point.

    > What you and I define as a 'buzz' is obviously different.

    That answer to my question on page #1 (quote: "Or is it just that you and me differ regarding the meaning of the word "buzz", i.e. that by "the current buzz" you mean merely you and me and some others here on MorphZone discussing it?") finally came a long way.

    > the speculation that Nvidia is readying the first 64bit ARM is not new.

    Yes, even my single link I gave you is about 1 day older than my first speculation here on MorphZone. So no need to lecture me on that.

    > Intelligent people like yourself are coming to
    > this conclusion in multiple places world wide.

    Yes, but as far as I can see not to an extent that justifies calling it "the current buzz" about the "Denver" announcement.

    > most people in the X86 market never thought to question whether
    > it would be anything other than 64bit.

    I still don't concur with that.

    > its NOT an original thought.

    I never claimed so, quite to the contrary.

    > you denied they were there.

    No, I said *I* couldn't *find* more. That's a difference.

    > I've given you one.

    ...that I had given you before.

    > You don't seriously think that's the only post, do you?

    No, of course not. But again: I think there's a wide range between one single person (or two or three) on the planet discussing a matter and that matter being "the current buzz".
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