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    Now you want more links?

    Yes I can get them.

    I can also provide you with PMs I've been exchanging with others for the last week.

    But this has gotten a little ridiculous. You said there were no speculations, I've posted one and I'd invite anyone reading this to go look for others. They're there.

    If you insist on hammering on this I'll go dig up others, but that's not something I'd prefer to waste my time doing.

    You ought to know me well enough to know that I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. So why would you doubt me when I tell you that this time I'm not?

    I will dig up more references if it will halt this unproductive disagreement.

    There are people discussing this. You're one. I talked to others. What you and I define as a 'buzz' is obviously different. But the speculation that Nvidia is readying the first 64bit ARM is not new. Intelligent people like yourself are coming to this conclusion in multiple places world wide.

    Whether you like it or not, you're part of the 'buzz'.

    Hey, like I've said before, as far as I can tell most people in the X86 market never thought to question whether it would be anything other than 64bit.

    You're tenacious Andreas. And this time I think you're dead on, but its NOT an original thought. So if you insist, I can dig up more references.
    After all, you denied they were there. I've given you one. You don't seriously think that's the only post, do you?

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