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    "so the alleged "buzz" regarding the prospect of "Denver" being 64-bit just wasn't (and isn't) there"



    "Questions burning: will it have a 64 bit ISA?
    If not, that could be a bit of a problem, especially if its going to run windows 8 on desktops (For many server applications, I actually see this as less of a problem). If it is, is it a as of yet undisclosed 64 bit ARM ISA that was rumored a short while ago?"

    There are LOTS of reference to this speculation spread throughout the web. I appreciate Andreas' forceful arguement to the contrary, but he's wrong. He's not the only person on the planet posting this speculation. It doesn't even require his usual in-depth investigation and thoughtful insight.

    For once Andreas, admit YOU are wrong.

    There has been previous speculation posted on this topic on the Internet. Its not that original .It's easy to find. And your tirade against my claim that its a buzz on the Internet, its tiresome.

    For God's sake, find some other inaccuracy in my statements (after all I'm good for them). But this isn't one of them. People ARE speculating as to whether or not Denver is a 64bit processor.

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