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    ...but that doesn't mean the 32-bits won't be used in servers and desktops, they will surely be powerful enough! ARM is already being used in low power servers in data centers, and while the market is young, the future is bright and big companies like Dell and IBM are very positive. And did you see Windows run, play media and run Office on the current ARM based machines in the MS demonstration above? Looks very good! Heck, current cheap, low power ARM CPU's could even be used to build super computers, like IBM did with their BlueGene by building a new system architecture around an array of simplified PowerPC 440 cores.

    Add to that the future roadmaps of first the Cortex-A9 and then the Cortex-A15 that will over time bring:

    • Speeds beyond 2.5GHz+, 14,000+ DMIPS
    • 1-4X SMP within a single processor cluster
    • Multiple coherent SMP processor clusters through AMBA® 4 technology
    • ARM ISA
    • Thumb-2
    • TrustZone® security technology
    • NEON™ Advanced SIMD
    • DSP & SIMD extensions
    • VFPv4 Floating point
    • Jazelle® RCT
    • Hardware virtualization support
    • Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE), meaning up to 1TB memory

    Add to that all the various controllers that individual CPU manufacturers chooses to add. So I'd say that ARM is definitely breaking out of its old boundaries, with or without nVidia's Denver! :-)
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