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    > I don't think anyone posting responses ever thought to consider that
    > a 64bit ARM processor would be a new development. They've just
    > grown so used to 64bit processors, that they expect all introductions
    > to have this feature by default.

    I don't concur. The fact that ARM to date is 32-bit only is widely known with most people having at least a slight interest in processor architectures. What I find most unfortunate on this matter is that even the tech media who actually did report on the 'ARM64' rumours back in November didn't attempt to connect the "Denver" announcement to those rumours. At least those tech media and their readers must be aware that 'ARM64' isn't there yet. I mean, tech journalism should be more than to just contentually copy press releases, all the more if all they'd have to do to give a better picture is to make a reference to an older report they did themselves. For whatever reason that didn't happen, so the alleged "buzz" regarding the prospect of "Denver" being 64-bit just wasn't (and isn't) there.

    > MorphZone is the only Amiga related forum I've seen
    > any postings related to this announcement on.

    http://www.commodore-amiga.org/en/forum/5-commodore-amiga-hardware-wishlist-/795-nvidia-project-denver-cpu ;-)

    > I don't blame you for thinking that there no "buzz" on this topic, but I'm
    > surprised how much there has been on sites focused on Wintel platforms.

    I'm afraid now you're mixing up things. I've been only objecting to your use of the wording "the current buzz" with regards to "Denver" being 64-bit (as that's what you were referring to, quote: "the current buzz about this introduction is that it might be a 64bit processor"), not to the "Denver" announcement as such (which is the current buzz, no doubt about that). I thought I made this difference clear all the way. There just is no buzz whatsoever "on sites focused on Wintel platforms" about the question of "Denver" being 64-bit or not.
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