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    I originally saw news items mentioning this processor on sites covering Windows related hardware/software. I don't think anyone posting responses ever thought to consider that a 64bit ARM processor would be a new development. They've just grown so used to 64bit processors, that they expect all introductions to have this feature by default.

    I didn't post anything on this announcement (until I responded to takemehomegrandma's post) for two reason. First, there are no hard details on this design. And second, if it is designed to compete directly with X86 processor, then some of the features its likely to have go beyond what we need for MorphOS. By that I mean 64bit addressing, no doubt multiple cores, Nvidia graphics on die, and possibly some form of virtualization.

    Outside of the conventional PC forums, I haven't seen that much interest in this announcement.
    MorphZone is the only Amiga related forum I've seen any postings related to this announcement on. I don't think this is directly related to Genesi's move in focus. Rather, I think it's more a product of our base's broader interest range.

    I don't blame you for thinking that there no "buzz" on this topic, but I'm surprised how much there has been on sites focused on Wintel platforms. People really seem to want to see someone take on X86 dominance.

    Personally, I just think its cool that you and others on this site have been ahead of the curve by discussing this ISA for so long before this popped up.

    You all ought to be patting yourself on the back for this one.

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