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    This is unusual. We appear to be on the same page on this design, but I think I've still managed to offend you.
    Yes, you did bring this up first (on this site) AND most people have not made any broad speculations about this chip.
    Only a few that have followed current trends have posted any conjecture, so instead of a "buzz" maybe its more like a murmur.
    But it is obvious how other ISAs have evolved (even the PPC), so its not unlikely that Nvidia is developing their hardware along a similar line.

    "Questions burning: will it have a 64 bit ISA? If not, that could be a bit of a problem, especially if its going to run windows 8 on desktops (For many server applications, I actually see this as less of a problem). If it is, is it a as of yet undisclosed 64 bit ARM ISA that was rumored a short while ago?"

    I missed THAT one, but it follows my own intuition. Win8 is inherently 64bit, any 32bit versions (like current versions of Windows) will only be offered to support legacy users.

    But none of this require the careful research and thoughtful consideration you're usually associated with. Its just obvious trends and likely conclusions. Why wouldn't it be obvious to the rest of us?
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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