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    >> So you retract your previous statement that "the current buzz
    >> about this introduction is that it might be a 64bit processor"?

    > No that reflects speculation I've heard from others.

    Again: I fail to see anything combining "Denver" and 64-bit to an extent that would justify calling it "the current buzz about this introduction". As you don't retract your statement I simply *must* have missed all those (non-press) discussions by those "others" all over the web about the prospect of "Denver" being 64-bit. Maybe you have some links for me? Or is it just that you and me differ regarding the meaning of the word "buzz", i.e. that by "the current buzz" you mean merely you and me and some others here on MorphZone discussing it?

    > I find the prospect of it being anything other than a 64bit design
    > completely unliklely. [...] do you doubt the prospect yourself?

    I think I answered that question already by introducing the 64-bit matter to this discussion myself in the first place but it seems I wasn't clear enough unfortunately. So another try: Yes, I doubt the prospect of "Denver" being anything other than a 64-bit design. I think my guess that "Denver" will be 64-bit is an educated one. Still, I doubt that the "bit-ness" is what "the current buzz" is about regarding "Denver". In fact, almost no web article or forum thread (except here on MorphZone) I came across so far even dealt with that question. And yes, I did a Google search and found nothing to the extent of being "the current buzz", only this:

    "Questions burning: will it have a 64 bit ISA? If not, that could be a bit of a problem, especially if its going to run windows 8 on desktops (For many server applications, I actually see this as less of a problem). If it is, is it a as of yet undisclosed 64 bit ARM ISA that was rumored a short while ago?"
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