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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the current buzz about this introduction is that it might be a 64bit processor.

    Really? Actually, so far I've encountered almost noone in the IT press presenting the assumption that there might be a connection between the November rumours and the recent "Denver" announcement. So I'd object to the allegation that this is what "the current buzz" is about.

    Actually, I haven't seen anyone in the press willing to speculate on this design. Only people like you and me who are (in an information vacuum) attempting to speculate as to what would be logical.
    As you point out, the current ARM cores are not well suited to server tasks. They might be stretched to fulfill desktop duty, but they're not ideal.
    I'd go one step further in suggesting that in order to compete with other platforms ARM must move to 64bit. I don't even think my statement is speculative, its a certainty.

    Anyone care to take bets on this one?

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