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    Zylesea wrote:
    ]I think ARM will have the brighter future because NVidia tries to go the classic computer way additional to the embedded territory. Also ARM has the current buzz - and it is always good to join the buzzing bandwaggon if you also want your share of the buzz..

    nVidia is far from being the only player here, and I think most manufacturers will have similar offerings. Like Freescale, for example...

    Yes, I think Nvidia's announcement (along with the announcement of ARM support for Windows 8) is significant too.
    ARM has primarily been an embedded processor. Now we see large companies focused on the desktop and server market.

    If anything, the only problem I see with a move to ARM is that the processors (of the future) will be more powerful than MorphOS can take advantage of (w/o SMP).

    I forgot to mention the current buzz about this introduction is that it might be a 64bit processor.

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