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    Zylesea wrote:
    The nVidia "Denver" project sounds pretty promising. While I think ppc has still a few cards to play (most notably QorIQ with Altivec)

    Do you really think that one has a comparable support/momentum?


    I think ARM will have the brighter future because NVidia tries to go the classic computer way additional to the embedded territory. Also ARM has the current buzz - and it is always good to join the buzzing bandwaggon if you also want your share of the buzz..

    nVidia is far from being the only player here, and I think most manufacturers will have similar offerings. Like Freescale, for example...


    One of the most critical questions for a hypothetical MorphOS ARM route would be: Will Denver offer a big endian mode? Not all ARMs do offer this feature - but it is critical if a hypothetical MorphOS ARM should get legacy 68k/ppc compability.

    Again, "Denver" is far from the only interesting CPU here. And I am absolutely no expert, but AFAIK most ARM CPU's are bi-endian. At least I think that's the case with ARMv7/Cortex, which AFAIK includes all interesting stuff here? Do you mean this is a subject to change?


    But the biggest question of it all: Who's gonna provide the team the required resources (time, time and time as well as a little incentve money and a few devices).

    Who does that now?


    Let's see what comes after the Apple ppc gear is maximally covered (Powerbook, iMac g5, Powermac g5)

    Those are the last remaining PPC machines worth supporting. Beyond those, the way I see it:

    Option 1: Do nothing, stay PPC. A slow demise for MorphOS until it totally fades away.

    Option 2: Go the ARM route. Supports big endian mode, and does have a bright future in broad spectrum, ranging from small mobile devices to powerful desktop and workstation systems. Would need a new 68k JIT compiler. Newer programs in PPC would need to be ported (if a PPC JIT emulator isn't feasible), meaning bad news if you are using "dead" PPC programs...

    Option 3: Go the x86 route. Will be a PITA because of endianness stuff AFAIK. Maybe that could be solved in some way? Or start all over with a clean slate, meaning no backwards compatibility at all, which sounds like no fun.


    and I don't think this is going to happen before 2012.

    Me neither! ;-)

    Under any circumstances, this is a long term thing...
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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