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    A lot of things is happening on the ARM front.

    When it comes to Freescale, they are already producing their i.MX51 series of CPU's. Genesi has been an acknowledged partner in designing products on that (www.freescale.com/genesi), and Genesi is now involved in designing a multi-purpose motherboard that can be used in several product configurations based on the upcoming i.MX53 (BBRV's blog). This will be the first/entry CPU in what they call the "Premium" segment (which this post is all about). It's based on a higher clocked Cortex A8 and will do full HD. The i.MX63 is also under execution and a year away. It's being based on a 40nm Cortex-A9. A year from that, a Cortes-A9 28nm i.MX68 is proposed, and a year from that a 28nm Cortex A-15 (Eagle) i.MX73 is proposed. All these along with numerous lower power CPU's of course, but clearly the ARM architecture is going into new segments where they haven't been before, well into server and desktop territory.

    i.MX Roadmap

    Another big player in ARM is nVidia. They are already in the "traditional" ARM mobile territory with their Tegra CPU, but they have now announced "that it plans to build high-performance ARMĀ® based CPU cores, designed to support future products ranging from personal computers and servers to workstations and supercomputers."

    Along with this, Microsoft has now officially announced support for ARM in Windows 8 (not "CE").

    It sure looks like the ARM platform is gaining strength and growing into new markets.

    I hope that ARM would be something the MorphOS Team would consider as a future path, now when all interesting PPC options is about to be covered and it's hitting the end of the road.

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    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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