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    Kronos wrote:
    As posted in that other thread, this is just an unsustained rumor.

    Same one was floating around 2-3 years ago and it turned out that "Apple will use ARM in Macs" was just a controller chip for the touchbar and some security features.

    No, this is a different rumour, it names a specific project and says the executives have given the go-ahead.

    Last time they switched there was a rumour in the Wall Street journal. It turned out Steve Jobs had a friend there...

    Apple have already shown they can produce fast chips, they're not as fast as i7s but that's because you can't produce an i7 in 5 Watts. Going into a laptop or a desktop gives them the higher power they need to build an i7 class chip.

    Beating Intel is not impossible, Qualcomm are already beating the Xeon E5s with lower power and lower price.
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