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    Apple dropping Intel in favor of their own CPU. Very interesting! :-)

    Must be ARM based, since that's where Apple has been working the last couple of years.

    This is what I predicted a long time ago. It makes sense, they will be in full control their entire eco-system.

    It was years ago that Apple showed their first in-house design that surpassed Core i7 in many ways, design wise, and not many generations later they were able to deliver real Core i5 (laptop) performance. And this with a battery powered, passively cooled CPU running in the ~1GHz range. They weren't lying when they claimed "desktop class CPU" in their marketing materials.

    Imagine if they would add a few more cores and construct the chip for optimal heat dissipation using powerful heatsinks with fans, and clock it in the range of 3-4GHz? I have no doubt that they will be able to create a powerful desktop/workstation class CPU able to compete with Intel. Their designs has for years been "over the top" for just phones and ipads, it has shown desktop ambitions all along...

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