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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Windows itself will be native of course, as will all of its components and drivers, as well ass Microsofts own productivity SW, Internet SW and media SW. Speed in the video showing the emulated Photoshop session above in this thread is totally acceptable IMHO, and that test was conducted on an "old", existing ARM CPU.

    The 32bit memory restrictions are a serious limitation when you deal with many, heavily layered, large resolution and / or high color depth files (or even videos which Photoshop can in fact edit).

    Just merely painting with high resolution brushes can make many high-performance systems struggle to avoid noticeable lag.

    Of course, basic photo editing should be just fine. But you do not need Photoshop for that either. (Photoshop Elements should suffice.) The implication is that people will be able to use "pro tools" on ARM via x86 emulation and, while technically true, I would keep expectations reasonably modest in that regard.

    I was surprised to read the price points that were mentioned for some of these ARM systems this week. Asus and HP will charge around 800 EUR per device next year. For comparison, you can buy, say, a Dell XPS 13 with 14 to 15 hours of battery time for around the same price today and that will get you the full x64 experience without the forementioned limitations.
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