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    > "MACOM intends to divest AppliedMicro’s well-positioned Compute business
    > within 100 days from closing the transaction

    The 100 days plan didn‘t quite work out:

    "MACOM [...] today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell the Compute business it acquired in its AppliedMicro acquisition earlier this year to Project Denver Holdings LLC (NewCo), a new company backed by The Carlyle Group."

    > Regarding the Embedded Processing business (which the PPC-based SoCs and
    > the ARM-based HeliX SoCs belong to), page 11 of this presentation reads like
    > MACOM is going to keep it ("Solid Cash Flow Business"), as opposed to the
    > Compute business comprised of X-Gene ("Active Sale Process to Divest").
    > As for how they could sell the X-Gene line but keep the HeliX line, this is somewhat
    > of a mystery to me considering both lines are based on the same core IP (Potenza).
    > John Croteau, MACOM president and CEO, on the other hand has to say:
    > "the embedded PowerPC part of the portfolio may be part of the divestiture; it may
    > not be. Depends which buyer, frankly. It’s a cash cow either way, to be honest."

    The PPC-based SoCs remain at Macom, apparently:

    "“Excluded Assets” shall mean all of Seller’s and its Affiliates’ right, title and interest in, to and under all assets not included as a Purchased Asset, including [...] the Seller’s “Connectivity” and “PowerPC” product lines [...]. [...] “Excluded Liabilities” shall mean all of the Liabilities of Seller and its Affiliates other than those set forth on Appendix C, including [...] any Liabilities of Seller or any Affiliates of Seller with respect to the winding down or termination of the PowerPC business"
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