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    Jim wrote:

    minator wrote:

    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    it's a monster! :-)

    That it is. Well into laptop performance levels:



    And interesting to see that Apple has gotten into GPU development now as well...

    They've been using semi-custom GPUs for years now. Looks like they've finally gone full custom now.

    Tell you what, YOU buy the extremely overpriced iPhone8, and I'll stick with my much more affordable Android phone.
    Apple fanatics creep me out almost as bad as Hare Krishnas.

    I don't need a cell pone with a laptop grade cpu.

    And btw, could we limit our discussion to computers?
    Cell phones may act as sort of a substitute, if your into eye strain a sore thumbs, but I'm not joining the fixated tiny screen zombies I everywhere in public these days. Its a little too much like crawling up your own asshole.

    I couldn't work as effectively as I do without this on my Oneplus 3, https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Main_Page

    Time is money. ;)
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