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    Jim wrote:

    Intuition wrote:
    ...I want a machine for real work not secretarial work so a lack of MS office products is fine by me. ;)

    ChromeOS runs Android apps though which means it has MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint. My missus runs Android x86 on a Lenovo netbook and uses MS Word for writing books.

    So, she uses a Microsoft Office component to write books, but my insistence on it is for "secretarial work"?
    That's low, Nik.

    My actual concern is that Open Office's spreadsheet isn't as fully featured as Excel and won't run the spreadsheets I've created.

    BUT, if you know secretaries creating spreadsheets, then maybe its a little sexist to consider "secretarial work" demeaning. ;-)

    Where's my dinner woman? ;)

    Seriously though, I hear LibreOffice 5 is very good. Friend of mine is deputy chairman of a bank in Azerbaijan and he uses it. What for I have no idea, but I know he uses it.

    My disdain for "typing" software is due to being forced to to GCSE IT in the early 90's at school which replaced Computer Science in the UK. Two miserable years of using Microsoft Works for DOS on 286's. Not memories I wish to recall lol
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