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    > Previous "hope" for new PPC chips I spotted here.
    > http://www.kpda.ru/upload/iblock/4b0/akimenko_19.04.16.pdf (see page 12)
    > LS3XXXp (EE 3Q2017 LE 2Q2018),
    > LT31xxP (EE 4Q2017 LE 3Q2018),
    > LT10xxP(e6500based, EE 3Q2017 LE 1Q2018)

    This is similar to what was published one year before, just that the future PPC chips got postponed to about one year later (and that LT3xxxP became LT31xxP).
    Also interesting to see that the core of the two slower chips is indicated as e6500, whereas the high-performance chip lacks core indication.

    P.S. more documents from 1st half of 2016 mentioning LT1/LS2/LS3 Power Architecture SoCs
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