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    My observations...

    Power Architecture has been shown in roadmaps, especially for high performance needs.

    Interestingly NXP ignores their e6500 when doing comparison that favors ARM:
    http://www.nxp.com/assets/documents/data/en/supporting-information/DN-Digital%20Networking%20solution-2017.pdf (page 17)

    10...15year longevity program at least ensure PPC availability.

    Here, page 25, show NXP ARM chips closing up (and going beyond) vs NXP PPC in performance:

    Previous "hope" for new PPC chips I spotted here.
    http://www.kpda.ru/upload/iblock/4b0/akimenko_19.04.16.pdf (see page 12)
    LS3XXXp (EE 3Q2017 LE 2Q2018), LT31xxP (EE 4Q2017 LE 3Q2018), LT10xxP(e6500based, EE 3Q2017 LE 1Q2018)
    Vague "next gen" info was also shown for example here: (16Mar2016, page8)

    So... unless NXP suddenly/unexpectedly puts out a 16nm PPC chip... I think we might not see any new PPC chip from NXP.
    (Telecoms has been very profitable for PPC, but companies have learned to use MIPS and ARM, so...)

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