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    Jim wrote:

    minator wrote:
    Desktop machine? slots?

    Last time I bought (well, built) a desktop machine with slots was 17 years ago!

    OTOH this laptop does have PCIe ...for the SDD drive.

    I have one with compact PCIe that I don't use for SSD, but then, I don't limit myself to laptops.

    I don't limit myself to laptops as such. I just haven't had a need for a desktop.

    My last desktop (tower actually) was pretty decked out slot wise. 2x SCSI cards, network card, audio card and Firewire.
    When I got my first laptop (Powerbook G4) other than SCSI, these were all included. I didn't notice the SCSI missing because I really only had a DVD drive on it and the Mac had a burner built in.

    Since then nothing has really changed. Anything I plug in is mostly USB. I do have a firewire mixing desk, but it's plugged into a Thunderbolt adaptor.

    The new laptop has switched entirely to USB-C connectors and it puts everything across them. It is a bit annoying having to get (rather expensive) adaptors but cheaper USB-C stuff is appearing on the market now.

    However, as I've discovered, USB has become a bit more complicated with time. You used to buy a USB device and plug in the cable...
    I had upgraded an older laptop to SSD but then I got the new machine. I thought I'd take the SSD out and use it as a backup drive for this machine. So, I ordered a USB-C HDD enclosure which has USB-C / USB 3.1.
    The standard Mac USB-C power cable does data but only at USB 2.0. So I ended up having to buy a separate high speed cable for USB 3.1.

    If you're buying anything USB 3.1, make sure you check the specs of everything - even the cables.

    BTW The same physical USB-C connectors on this machine also do Thunderbolt 3, it's the same speed as the PCIe slots in a PowerMac G5!


    Intuition wrote:

    minator wrote:
    Samsung Chromebook plus XE513C24-K01US

    Not for sale in the UK and only 32GB storage that can't be replaced.

    Not available in the UK? eBay is your friend ;-)

    Built in storage is becoming quite common in laptops, in this case it is pretty small and it's eMMC, so slow as well.
    OTOH there are USB-C / 3.1 sockets if you need more storage and it should be faster as well.
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