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    Jim wrote:
    >Seems they can't get PCIe to work on this board:

    "If you need the PCIE, we should refund for you or you can choose to select the latest HiKey960. If you choose HiKey 960(the price is 239USD plus shipping fee), we will refund the balance for you."

    Weird, since the HiKey 960 only has a compact PCIe M.2 slot.

    SO, thus far, there don't seem to be any ARM boards with full sized PCIe expansion slots.
    I guess X64 WAS the right choice.

    It's a shame as I'd love to have an ATX board with Aarch64 CPU and a few full size PCIe slots as a Linux desktop.

    Kind of on the subject, does anyone know of any MIPS or SPARC boards with full size PCIe slots that don't cost the earth? Or any CPU that isn't x86 tbh.
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