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    Sorry Grandma,
    We have a multitude of different opinions here.
    First, the best PPCs we support only use Power PC elements from up to Power4.
    IBM is promoting Power8 as an open standard, and is readying Power9.
    Both of these simply lay waste to any ARM processor.
    So dead? Hardly.
    I would love to see a Power8 MorphOS platform.

    And as to Intel's occassional misstep, the Pentium 4 was hardly the first one.
    Anyone remember the Pentium Pro?

    Ever since AMD introduced RISC cores to the X86 I have been very fond of them, and they did invent the X64 instruction set.
    Further, their built in gpus continue to surpass Intel's in performance.
    It will be interesting to see how their next core design fairs.

    All that being said, you are right about one thing, if its fast enough who cares what ISA is featured?
    Although, for my part, the P50XX is fast enough.

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