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    Virtual fraud by IBM making the Wii U look more powerful then it is.

    Well, Sony and m$ alway went for the max in a small case. Thats why XBOXes and PS3s tended to blow off until more recent models got better cooling and cpus with reduced heat output. Nintendo never played that league. They tried to be innovative with games and controllers, which worked out as they got people to play with the wii, whom never would play with a playstation.

    The biggest problem I see in those XBOX/Playstation race is that they straigth to pc. Years ago people blamed the xbox is a ugly looking pc for the living room. Now we know the PS4 will go this way, too (We just don´t know how ugly it will be). In the result the ps4 will get even more ported PC games than the ps3, which we all know are just shooters, warcraft and diablo. Other games are hard to find in the pc market unless they contain flying birds (Moorhuhn, Angry Birds), cards or majong stones.

    Speaking about the wii-u, it is for sure the most powerful console available, yet. Sure this will change. No one knows if the xbox or the PS4 will be more powerful, but we all know both are PC and PC´s can be expanded to be faster. Just not the PS4 and the XBox. So in the end a gamer pc will outrun any console again. I expect this to happen faster than years before.

    Waiting for the fastest system makes you waiting forever.


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