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    >> I found an Oracle blog article from a month ago stating:
    >> "The first system I'd like to tell you about is a really cool 8 core Power Architecture
    >> Hyper-Efficient Enterprise Server from a company in Dallas called Servergy."

    > Seems that Servergy has another platform in the works called P-Cubed with a yet unnamed
    > "Dual Core Power System on Chip (SOC)"

    Look who's sponsoring http://www.powerlinuxusersgroup.com :

    http://www.meetup.com/Servergy-Power-Linux-Users-Group/sponsors/ :-)

    Interesting thread:

    It is talking about 4-core P2040 and 8-core P4080 (both have Amiga/MorphOS-friendly e500mc cores). Thing is either would clash with Servergy's "Dual Core" claim. We'll see.

    Edit: Added link to Swedish forum thread.

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