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    > You are just reading between the lines here.

    I think I'm rather asking the obvious here.

    >> Does that mean MorphOS may come to the e500v2 surprisingly and against all odds?

    > This post on Ben Collins blog is my private opinion and
    > does not represent any MorphOS Team view on P-Cubed.

    Thanks for clarification.

    > This computer is still a paperware for now

    Thanks for this insight, as I was under the impression that it's at least in working prototype stage.

    >> Or maybe P-Cubed isn't built around e500v2 (I'd be surprised here too)
    >> and the MorphOS Team member is aware of that?

    > I don't know what processor will this device use.

    Thanks for clarification. So my e500v2 guess is still in the running.

    > any low-cost PowerPC board is interesting to us, isn't it?

    ...as long as its PowerPC CPU is sufficiently compatible with existing software. At least that's what Piru and itix said if I understand them right. Or do you think I may be reading too much between their lines? ;-)
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