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    > IBM do have a habit of being a little vague about this sort of thing.
    > [...] Probably the same thing here

    IBM tweed from September 16th:
    "The Wii U is a custom 45nm #power7 chip. Same SOI design in #ibmwatson"

    IBM tweed from September 20th:
    "Pardon the error. It's a custom chip built on Power Architecture base"

    I wouldn't call this "a little vague", but rather spreading false information and then posting a correction and apology later. Sincerely, I hope that such is *not* IBM's habit (spreading false information in the first place that is). To me that's a quite remarkable incident, as they started this POWER7 nonsense talk right when the Wii U was announced in mid-2011 and were subsequently questioned ad nauseam about further details on the chip and only 1.5 years after the announcement bothered to come forward with a correction.
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