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    >> there's an interesting tweet by IBM from June 2011 which seems to confirm that
    >> the Wii U actually uses the very same POWER7 *chip* (not just the same core) as
    >> IBM's Watson computer, which would mean an eight-core POWER7 chip. I find that
    >> very hard to believe.

    > If the recent information about Wii U's CPU being a three-core chip is true, this
    > would mean that IBM purposely spread false information in June 2011. There's not
    > even a POWER7 chip with 3 cores (4 cores being the smallest variant). And from
    > last month two other tweets from the same IBM twitter account that, citing an
    > old Engadget article, suddenly read way more vague and contradict the older tweet
    > (same chip as in Watson vs. custom chip):
    > http://twitter.com/IBMWatson/status/231902074890248192
    > http://twitter.com/IBMWatson/status/240241146213842944

    2 months ago, IBM reinforced the claim that the Wii U processor was based on POWER7:


    Only few days later, IBM finally admitted that their claim that the Wii U processor was a POWER7 chip of some sort or somehow derived from POWER7 was a misinformation:

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