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    > Aeon's current "north of 1500 GBP" price estimate

    Now we know how much north of that estimate the price will be:

    "Prices start from: £1699, USD $2682.56 (excluding AmigaOS4 license, shipping, handling and sales tax)."

    Seems I won the bet I had with someone on another site over the price of the X1000 with me saying that it will be more than 1800 EUR :-)


    "The First Contact system includes the official AmigaOne X1000 Boing Ball case in either black or white and includes the Nemo rev 2.1 motherboard complete with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a Radeon HD4650 graphics card, 500GB HDD, DVR R/W optical drive, Audio & Ethernet cards."

    Anyone has an idea why it will come with only half the amount of RAM that the X1000 product page claims, and why it will come with "Audio & Ethernet cards" when Nemo has both audio (via SB600) and Ethernet (via PA6T) onboard?

    Edit: photo of Nemo board with PCI slots populated by audio and Ethernet cards (AmiWest)
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