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    > So nothing to do with OS X using display PDF then?

    I don't know. "In large part" doesn't equal "solely", you know ;-)

    > OS X's display system alone has a lot of overheads in it that simply
    > don't exist in MorphOS.


    > A better comparison would be to try Haiku.

    I would really like to compare MorphOS and Haiku in terms of responsiveness but unfortunately Haiku doesn't run on anything I've ever run MorphOS on (although there seems to be work done on a PowerPC port of Haiku). Being run on the same hardware is a requirement for a fair OS comparison, I think.

    >>> I doubt the MorphOS developers will have much problem figuring it out :-)

    >> "Will", or rather "would"? ;-)

    > IIRC the Q-Box was meant to have all the modern features years ago.

    Yes, but I don't think that alone justifies usage of will-future tense, especially considering what MorphOS Team members have said on this matter during the last couple of years:

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