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    From my own experience with MorphOS vs. Linux on a 600 MHz G3 and MorphOS vs. Mac OS X on a 1500 MHz G4 I can say that there's a vast difference in general OS responsiveness.

    In my humble layman's opinion this should in large part be attributed to the much lower overhead of the message passing concept that MorphOS' ABox is built upon.

    So nothing to do with OS X using display PDF then?
    OS X's display system alone has a lot of overheads in it that simply don't exist in MorphOS.

    A better comparison would be to try Haiku. I tried it on an Atom based system a couple of years back and it's quite a different story.

    > I doubt the MorphOS developers will have much problem figuring it out :-)


    "Will", or rather "would"? ;-)

    IIRC the Q-Box was meant to have all the modern features years ago.
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