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    Again Andreas wrote much of the things I'd also say. However it is also true that there are OSes out there that are actually *very* snappy and lightweighted and come with MP. Most prominently and from my 1st hand experience qnx neutrino springs to my mind. That was impressivly fast and rock solid. So I know MP is possible on a lightweight and fast OS. But I also think it is often overrated. I mean most crashy apps are caught already and don't shot down the OS - not much different as if there were MP. Only difference: A program *can* shot the OS dead. But so can apps on OSes that offer MP (I quite well remember the issues I had with a program for data acquIsition I wrote for windows 2k/XP that locked the machine dead again and again - calling a faulty dma routine from driver was the issue... Okay on a micro kernel OS like QNX where all drivers are separated tasks this may be a different story.
    Anyway, MP is definitely not a bad thing per se, but many OSes with MP are dog slow (for many reasons) and still not 100% stable against full locks.
    I rather see the bigger demand for a change in the field of resource tracking, removing dead tasks and freeing all resources would be big plus. But I imagine work on resource tracking and MP are often going hand in hand anyway. But I emphasize it again MP is at least debateable - it's not the holy grail nor the devil.

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