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    Andreas said the things about MP already. But as I said in the article,I think MP is debatable. I don't say MP is evil, but I think the equation MP=good is too easy, too. Depends a lot on the way of implementation at least. But I am not an OS designer, it's just about what I read and the conclusions I drew from that. I haven't exercised it myself.

    Every new feature has a cost Vs benefit. In this case all mainstream desktop OSs, most smartphones and pretty much all tablets have MP, it's obviously not that much of a cost. MP needs to be set up by the OS it'll mostly be done by the hardware afterwards. It also shouldn't involve much copying of data, you can do that by remapping pages.

    It's not exactly a new problem so there's plenty of examples out there to look at. I doubt the MorphOS developers will have much problem figuring it out :-)
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