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    Zylesea has now put his thoughts on the matter into a nice article:

    Interesting, a couple of points though:


    Addition of full memory protection is of course debateable, too. It surely offers some benefit for improved security, but comes at a cost (and personally I rather tend to say the cost doesn't cover the benefit, a good resource tracking is enough and MorphOS doesn't need to become the ├╝bersafe OS which qualifies for operation of a nuclear power plant).

    Full Memory protection these days is really best described as "basic" memory protection, desktop OSs these days are starting to run things in sandboxes. I can see eventually everything running in a virtual machines.

    What he means by cost? There is a cost in terms of API changes, but a well designed memory protection system wont be noticeable to the use performance wise.


    For MorphOS to keep backward compability a true bigendian mode is required.

    For backwards compatibility you use an emulator. Anything else, modify as necessary and recompile. It works for AROS, why shouldn't it work for MorphOS?
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