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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:


    will probably cease to exist in the future

    You mean that the X1000s that will be sold will blow up all at once?

    Yes. All the four or five of them. ;-)


    SoundSquare wrote:

    I personally sold my MorphOS machines and stopped using the OS

    But you just can't help but think MorphOS is a very cool system. Yessss... Once bitten... Also, it would be very surprising if you were still using the OS after selling your MorphOS machines :-D


    it has a bit more of a future

    Well, MorphOS has a present. OK, enough fanboy talk for now...



    Mac Minis are both silent and fast.

    they were fast 4/5 years ago yes.

    Well, they are very fine computers. Which everyday task, under MorphOS, requires more processing power?

    But yes, I'd love having a spanking new exclusive computer for my favourite operating system. Only that it's not a good idea, simple as that.

    (wow, no mention of "x86" since long in this debate, interesting!)
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