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    i know people say about the price of it, but how much was the amigaone and peg boards new

    Genesi was selling the Pegasos2-based Open Desktop Workstation for 799 USD. In British pound with an additional 20% VAT, that price would equal 650 GBP.

    Link: http://www.genesi-usa.com/press/2005/6/8/

    Various third party resellers built their own Pegasos2-based systems. Sunbeam Business Solutions was selling G3 and G4 machines for 699 and 999 EUR respectively (incl. 16% VAT). In British pound, those prices would equal roughly 600 and 800 GBP.

    So, either way, prices for complete and brand new Pegasos systems were far, far south from Aeon's current "north of 1500 GBP" price estimate.
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