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    There's something much, much more important that money: Have you considered the HUUUUUGE amount of job required to port MorphOS to another computer? Then, add up that the computer doesn't exist yet, will probably cease to exist in the future, and will be bloody expensive.

    so what's the future for morphos ? powermacs ? that's cheap but how long will they hold, they are old machines already. Powerbooks ? same, even more fragile machines.
    It shouldn't be so much work if both teams (mos/os4) could collaborate on the low level stuff, drivers etc. But yes, it's a dead end in the context.
    I personally sold my MorphOS machines and stopped using the OS cause i don't see anything positive coming withing the next 2/3 years on this side. I don't want an old dusty and noisy apple tower in my house and i don't want to keep complaining and cope with the frustration. I'll keep an eye on morphos but without much hope. At least until it works on a VM or some decent mordern hardware/architecture.

    I'll have a look on the x1000 when it's released. It's expensive but it has a bit more of a future, even if i never really liked OS4.
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