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    i have a G5 2.5 sat in loft, i found it loud in use, but is a fast machine
    personaly i would like to see mos on the x1000 it would give os4 user a opportunity to try mos like amigaone & peg os4 users
    and would be phunny if mos was to run faster than os4 on X

    but yeah it does cost, but when new how much were amigaone & peg machine/boards..i missed out as i didnt have the money when amigaone came out and when i did have the money they had stopped making them, had to make do wi an efika that i found tooo slow, mcmini is nice, but would like oportunity to run both without having another machine plus are lass would kill me, but she would be ok with me changing one for another..but thats just me i assume(wanting to run both)...
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