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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the PA6T isn't an SOC like the P5020 (where networking is built into the processor).

    The PA6T has a GbE controller, which is precisely what‘s supported by Linux with no problem and by OS4 with a non-public beta driver. That‘s why normal OS4 users have to use a supported NIC in a PCI(e) slot.

    > The only thing that might have made support easier is using a more common NIC.

    Nemo has only one on-board NIC, and that‘s the GbE one built into the PA6T.

    Do you happen to know what the limitations, and/or problems are with the "non-public beta driver" for the PA6T's built in NIC are, which are keeping it from being released as the default NIC to use while running AmigaOS4.1FE? IIRC, that beta driver is included on one of the AmigaOS4.1 installation CD/DVD's, but is not included as the default driver, and must be installed, or configured manually, if the user wants to try out the beta driver for the PA6T's onboard NIC. I would like to try it out the next time I decide to turn on and use my X1000 (which I must admit, has seen very little use for a long time, but now that I have updated my Hollywood programming language to the latest versions, I am hoping to use my X1000 several times a week, to learn more about programming with Hollywood).
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