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    Yes, we pretty much knew the SB600 was the likely choice for the X1000, before the full specs were released (in fact it was spotted in photos before Aeon released those specs).

    Andreas and I had been discussing a 8640/8640 based system and the SB600 looked like the only well documented Southbridge that could be used as a substitute for the ULi Southbridge that Freescale had been using on their evaluation boards.
    I actually have a notebook filled with notations for the pin equivalencies between the SB600 and the ULi Southbridge.

    Basically, at the time the SB700/750 wasn't well documented, and the latter chips hadn't been introduced yet.

    The SB600 was a really good option. I liked it as it was fully documented, available, and had agood feature set.

    What else would have been used at the time of development?
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