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    number6 wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > do any of the Aeon AmigaOne boards have functioning on-board network drivers
    > (if not under OS4 then Linux at least)?

    OS4: no
    Linux: X1000/Nemo - yes, A1222/Tabor - probably yes, X5000/Cyrus - currently no

    Of additional interest:
    from Jamie Krueger

    If I read this correctly, even IF the driver being worked on currently was completed/released it would be (how to say this politely...) a handicapped driver?


    Well the Tabor driver HAS to function (since there are no extra expansion slots for a wireless networking card). I suppose you could use a USB adapter, but that is sub-optimal.
    The tabor driver may point the way to fixing the X5000 driver.

    But the X1000 driver is going to be a bit different.
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