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    The PA6T (made by IBM) is under utilized on the X1000. The SB600 does most of the work and moves data to/fro the CPU through a single high speed pipeline. That includes the PCI network card.

    Pretty much the X1k was a 'just-get-it-working' and kick it out the door type of project. I don't blame Trevor for the shortcomings. He is an AmigaNut, but not a hardware guy. If you think about it the X1k is not that much different than the A1SE/XE, which was supposed be a system only to get OS4 working on PPC. A development system, and it was sold as such. Unfortunately the A1XE somehow became the standard base design for all that followed. The XMOS chip has never been supported at a base level. Sad really, looks like the X5000 will follow suit, no innovation, nothing for the hardware enthusiasts, going to do everything in software. Pfffffft! Microsoft.

    Of course you can't blame A-EON for everything when 90% of the squeaky wheels want a dirt cheap Amiga that most of them would not purchase anyway. And if they did they would want the OS for free.

    The X1000 is a very good PPC Linux machine however, and CFE allows you to probe around the hardware and find some interesting undocumented features.

    As my meaningless rants would only fall on deaf ears my X1k now sits in the closet along with other offerings to the Gods-of-technology.

    Perhaps someday............. well, one can dream. :-)
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