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    vox wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    Let's face it, the situation is pathetic. The more I compare the X1000 to the X5000/20, the greater my appreciation for the former is.
    Not a bad little system.
    Not as powerful as a Quad G5, but still pretty cool.

    However, since we aren't likely to see MorphOS on an X1000 or a Quad G5...and things seem pretty terminal for big endian PPCs...it is what it is.

    PA Semi has awful MIPS per Mhz ratio degrading its 1.8Ghz nominal rating, but when used dual core, with FPU instructions, it has fast mem and SATA and board is quite expandable. Its bi-endian arhitecture, 64-bit, G5 class overall in all but integer performance. Too bad its not that easy to add support for another mobo with no financial stimulation (MorphOS). Its quite enjoyable under Linux, but sigh, change to Southern Island cards created no 3D problem under Linux, rendering many installations unusable incl. X1000 Ubuntu Remix sold by AEON. In the end there is no system that completely use it, and CFE is ... built for routers and should stay there.

    saga of wasted computer potential. So contrary to Amiga spirit of squeezing maximimum out of it.

    Yeah, but the system has a nice set of expansion slots backed up by more PCI-e channels.
    And the processor is slightly better than a G4 (as well as being full 64 bit).

    The more I'm learning about the X5000's expansion , the more troubled I am about it's limitations. Then again there's the difference in memory bandwidth.
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