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    redrumloa wrote:

    The long story as told by Hyperion director Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea five days ago:

    How or why anyone would work with any of these companies involved is beyond me. That thread is validating ever single negative yet obvious statement that has been said over the last 10+ years. 2018 most certainly appears to be the year anything and everything OS4 related dies off painfully.

    Kudos to Cyborg to bringing it to nearly functional state (and dont know why inclusion on FE disc).

    Find it astonishing he was never sent another Nemo board to complete it. I would send mine to Germany
    to get thing done.

    Sound driver was done, net driver, warp3D for all Radeon HD, Timberwolf done and Libre beta (CFE bugfixing ...) and it could be way more pleasent experience then it was.

    I dont like OS4 will die out, but its easy to unerstand why and how.

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